21st Anniversary Charity Promotion

In January, Tiff's Treats is celebrating its 21st anniversary. As a part of our celebration, we'd like to give back to the communities we're located in by giving back 10% of sales to charity.  We will select charities to participate, and we will contact you in mid-December with instructions.

Each selected charity will be provided with a special coupon code that they can distribute to their network. Every time that coupon code is used in January 2020, 10% of the sale will go to your charity.  As a bonus, the charity with the highest sales at the end of January will receive an additional $10,000 donation!

If your charity is interested in participating, please submit your information below and we'll be in touch in mid-December!

If your charity is based in Tennessee, please provide us with the names and email addresses of the two authorized representatives who will be signing the contract.  Please only fill out the section below if you are in Tennessee.