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Sunday, April 29, 2018
Small World Yoga
Thank you to all of our fantastic customers who came by and waited in line! We had a blast meeting some new customers and felt very welcomed at our second location in Nashville!
We sold 375 dozen cookies in just five hours! We will be donating all the sales to Small World Yoga to help grow outreach yoga programs in the Nashville community.
We sold 375 dozen cookies at just this one store!
We had a such a great turnout. Our first customers arrived at 4:00am and waited all morning for our doors to open! We had lots more arrive early in the morning and by 10am the line stretched all the way down the shopping center! We had a stready stream of of customers all day, as we baked 4,500 hot cookies for the event!
We want to thank all the companies that donated prizes so generously to the event to make it the day extra fun.