Not your typical ice cream sandwich.
Warm cookies + ice cream = heaven. Warm up your next event by having our Tiff’s Treats Team build customized ice cream sandwiches.

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For years, customers have loved ordering our custom Tiffwich® ice cream sandwiches in our stores, but we couldn’t figure out how to deliver them without the cookies getting cold or the ice cream making a drippy mess. Now, the problem is solved by having our Tiff’s Treats Team come to your home, office or event to build and serve our famous Tiffwich sandwiches. It's the only way to get the Tiffwich® delivered.

Mini boxes

Small Boxes, Big Joy. For weddings, birthdays, corporate parties or any event worth celebrating, our Mini Boxes make the best goodie bags.

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Whether you're saying thank you or I love you, nice to meet you or we'll miss you, cookies are a great way to spread the love and take gifting off your plate.

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You pick your cookie flavors, and we’ll bring them warm, just like our deliveries. We also bring the frosty vanilla ice cream. Then, our Tiff’s Treats Team will make your Tiffwiches® on-site by scooping the ice cream directly onto two warm cookies. We do all the set up and clean up, too!


$7.50 per Tiffwich®
Delivery fee based on delivery address*

Prices may vary by location.