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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Lily's Toy Box
What an amazing turnout today celebrating our 11th Houston area location! Thank you to everyone who waited in line for freshly baked, warm cookies. We were thrilled with the support and the many smiling faces we encountered throughout the day celebrating our City Centre location! What made the day extra special was having Lily, from Lily's Toybox join us. She was all smiles as she got a tour of our kitchen and indulged on freshly baked cookies!

In just four hours, we sold 964 dozen cookies! We will be donating all sales to Lily's Toy Box, a non-profit organization devoted to providing new toys, books, and other gifts to children going through a difficult time.
We sold 964 dozen cookies in just one day!
We were thrilled with the support we received celebrating our new City Centre location! Our first customers arrived on Friday night and camped out overnight. By 3:45 am, we had around 20 people camped out, and by the time our event started, there was a line down the shopping center and around the corner. It was a beautiful day to share our love of warm cookies with our happy customers. We had a great day baking over 11,550 cookies! 

Thank you all the companies that donated prizes for the event. It helped make the day extra fun.