Products - Cookies and Brownies

No. We don't do any decorating or special shapes. Our cookies are served right out of the oven, warm and fresh. When you decorate a cookie, you have to let it cool and harden, so that the icing won't melt. This can compromise the quality of the product. To us, taste is most important.

We offer 11 cookie flavors on the menu most of the time, to ensure that we don't run out of your favorite flavor. Once a month we offer a limited time Flavor of the Month cookie.

The cookies are medium-sized, at about 3-3.5 inches in diameter.

The brownies are much larger than the cookies, at about 3x4 inches.

Due to the way that the cookies and brownies are made, baked, and packaged, it is possible that any of the cookie flavors may have come in contact with nuts or a nut substance. Therefore, if you have an allergy to nuts, please be aware of this danger. We recommend you do not order any of our cookies or brownies if the allergy is severe.

At this time, we do not carry any products designed for specific dietary needs.

Yes, you may view our full nutritional data here.

For speed and accuracy reasons, we only bake cookies in increments of 6. Therefore, a one dozen order can only get 6 of one kind and 6 of another. Cookies bought from the walk-in display case can be purchased in any combination.

No. A Tiffwich® is two warm cookies with ice cream sandwiched in the middle. Therefore, it would melt en route and we cannot deliver them. For the same reason, you cannot order ahead and have one ready for you when you arrive to the store. A Tiffwich® only takes a few minutes to make, so you can just stop in and order one at the counter. Or, you can order a dozen cookies for delivery and either a pint or scoop of ice cream and make your own at home.

Cookies are meant for immediate consumption, but they can hold up longer in a sealed container for up to 5 days after purchase/receiving.


Yes. We can deliver cookies to someone else for you. The cookies come in a white box with a blue ribbon, and include a personal message. Warm cookies always make a great gift, and are inexpensive enough to send for any occasion. Even just to say hi.

Yes. In fact, a large portion of our orders are hungry people wanting a snack at work, or at home late night.

We have chocolate chip cookies available for nationwide shipping!  We also ship Take & Bake cookie dough kits and chocolate chip cookie truffles. All three make great gifts and can be ordered here

We can include greeting cards or business cards or stickers on your box. However, we cannot take anything of value over $5, or of sentimental value. We are not insured to deliver items other than our own or to replace lost or damaged items.

For deliveries in the zone, we can usually have the orders out in about an hour to an hour and a half. Out of zone courier orders take about an hour and a half to two hours. If you are placing a larger order (10 dozen or more), give us a little more time. You may always order in advance, no matter what your order is.

Since our cookies must be delivered warm, we have to use an ASAP courier service. This guarantees that the cookies will go straight from us to you. We work with our courier services to get the lowest price possible for ASAP service. The courier rates you may be used to may be for 2, 3, or 4 hour service, which, while cheaper, would not provide fresh, warm cookies.

Because we go to great to lengths to ensure that you receive fresh, warm, and custom-baked goods with every order that you place, we deliver using our own drivers and vetted courier companies that have a direct business relationship with Tiff’s Treats.  Tiff’s Treats has always been committed to providing custom-made orders that are delivered warm and fresh from our ovens by Tiff’s Treats’ delivery people. In this way, we are always assured that the high standards we set for quality and freshness are being met by our own expertly trained staff.

Pick Up/In Store

Sure. Just place your order online, in the app, or by phone, and we'll have it ready for you at whichever store you choose. Since we bake the cookies fresh for you, please allow 30 minutes for your order to be ready. Or, you can set up a later time for your order to be ready.

Although you can come by to get one or two cookies, a Tiffblitz®, or a Tiffwich®,, the selection is limited and usually will not be directly out of the oven. Cookies in the case are made several times throughout the day. In order to keep the cookies fresh, we keep only a very small amount available for walk-by customers. If you are looking to get a dozen or more, please place an order first. The cookies will be baked to order and ready right out of the oven!

Cookies sold from the in-store display case are first come first serve. Therefore, we cannot pull cookies from the case for you over the phone because we'd be jumping in line in front of someone who might have been already waiting for just those cookies. If you order ahead, we will bake an order for you (which takes about 30 minutes) and it will be ready when you arrive. If you can't wait that long, come on in and see what we have available. But we are not able to pull them for you before you get here.

Pick up orders take about 35-40 minutes. That is how long it takes to put the cookies in the oven, bake them, and package them in the box. You can always order as far in advance as you’d like.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Bevo Bucks (Austin) and corporate accounts. We do not accept cash or checks (cash is only accepted at our Denver location).  At our stores, we accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Online, we accept credit cards, existing corporate accounts, and Bevo Bucks (Austin). We do not accept cash or checks.

Please fill out and submit the donation request form in detail. If we are able to donate, we will reply to your message with our offer. Due to the large number of donation requests we receive, please refrain from stopping by or calling to ask for donations.

We’re in the business of creating warm cookie moments and if we miss the mark we promise to make it right! If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact us at customerservice@cookiedelivery.com and we will gladly refund or replace your order.

Tiff’s Treats History

In 1999, two University of Texas sophomores started Tiff's Treats while attending college. For more information, check out the about page.

No. Actually, the idea to start the business was not related to any class, although both founders were UT students at the time. They simply came up with the idea after making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They decided that the cookies were so good, that they would be a big hit if they were delivered warm and fresh, like pizza delivery. The pair joined together and opened Tiff's Treats two weeks later.