Gift Delivery Policy

In order to deliver your cookies hot and fresh, and to avoid having to make multiple attempts at delivery, the following steps outline our normal procedure for making gift deliveries.

Office or Place of Work

  • We make and deliver your cookies at whatever time you request. No prior phone call will be made since we can be reasonably sure that someone will be there to accept the order.
  • We either hand-deliver the order to the recipient at the workplace, or leave the order with the receptionist, depending on the procedures of each workplace.


  • First we text and email the recipient to make sure they will be home when the cookies are set to be delivered. (Landline phones will be called instead of texted.) We will contact the recipient an hour and 15 minutes in advance of your selected delivery time so that the cookies can be delivered at that time. For mobile phones, the recipient will be able to confirm their delivery time or select a new one via a website link sent to them on text/email. The reason we contact the recipient is to be sure they will be home when we deliver, to avoid having to leave fresh products on the porch.
  • Once the recipient confirms their delivery time we bake and deliver the cookies fresh from the oven.
  • If we do not hear from the recipient after a few hours, we will send a follow up text/email. If the order is still not confirmed or scheduled, we will contact you to ask for help in scheduling the delivery. Note: If the recipient's telephone is not working, or is not being checked, we will not be able to deliver the gift at your originally selected time.
  • If we arrange a time to deliver with the recipient, and they are not home or answering their door at that time, we will leave the order on their front door. We will leave them a telephone message alerting them to the presence of the order.
  • If you would like your gift sent out at a certain time without a prior phone call made to the recipient, we can do so only if you allow us to leave the order on the front door if the recipient is not home or answering their door. Please call to make this request. HOWEVER, We are not responsible for stolen or damaged orders that are left on the porch at your request.

Auto Gratuity

  • 15% delivery charge for any order over $150.

Delivery Policy

In order to ensure the safety of our drivers, Tiff's Treats does not guarantee delivery times.

Uncontrollable events such as weather, traffic, construction, and other factors can affect the timing of your delivery. Please be aware that the time quote you receive is simply an estimation of when we will be able to arrive, and not a guarantee of an exact delivery time. Please also be aware that deliveries going to the Capitol, a hospital, or out-of-the-zone with the courier service generally take longer than the usual hour for delivery.

Tiff's Treats guarantees delivery only to the address you specify when ordering, not to the recipient. We do not take responsibility when given incorrect addresses or recipient information. (For ex: company has moved; recipient is on vacation, etc.)

Although we will make every effort to correct any error we find before delivery, we cannot be responsible for the order once it has been delivered to the address you have specified. Therefore, please make sure that you have correct delivery information when ordering, as we cannot credit you back for these orders.

If you are not home, or answering your phone when we deliver to you, you will be responsible for picking up your order. You will not be refunded.