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Saturday, November 10, 2018
Sydney's Song
We really appreciate all of our awesome cookie fans who came out to the event and waited for cookies! We are so honored to have such incredible customers!
We sold 1212 dozen cookies in just four short hours! We will be donating $5,000 to Sydney's Song who raises money for children with BPAN to aid with treatment, research, and hopefully one day a cure for this very rare disease.
We sold 1212 dozen cookies at just this one store!
What an event! Our first customers arrived Saturday morning at 12:30am, buddled up in the cold, waiting for us to open. By 7am our line had grown to 50 people! When we opened at 9am we had 175 people waiting in line for their fresh baked, warm cookies. We had a line of happy people, even on this chilly day, as we baked almost 14,550 hot cookies for the event!
We want to thank all the companies that donated prizes to the event to make it the day extra fun.