Tiffs Treats Cookie Delivery Catering

How It Works

Serving Brownies

Tiffwich® Parties & Tasting Table

  • ​These are full service catering options that come with a complete set-up and Tiff’s Treats® staff
  • 2 Hours of service is standard
  • You may select up to 4 cookie flavors for both the Tasting Table and the Tiffwich® Party options.  
  • All Tiffwiches for the Tiffwich® Party option are served with Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream.  
  • We are able to service any address within our delivery zones.  Click here to check your address or complete the form below and a team member will get back to you. Exceptions may be made depending on the size of the event.
  • After you book your event date, we will send you an initial estimate and offer flexible service adjustments.
Eating Cookies

Mini Boxes

  • Mini Boxes require a minimum order of 15 dozen cookies (45 Mini Boxes with 4 cookies per box, 60 Mini Boxes with 3 cookies per box, or 90 Mini Boxes with 2 cookies per box)
  • 3 days’ advance notice is preferred
  • Standard delivery and pick-up options available.  
  • Pricing:
    • $6.00 – 2 cookie box
    • $7.00 – 3 cookie box
    • $8.00 – 4 cookie box
Reaching for Cookies on Cookie Tray

Cookie Trays

We offer a variety of catering tray options for groups small (12 people) to large (50 people or more). Cookie Trays may be either picked up or delivered and are self serve. Cookies are packaged and served warm on the tray.

The Tiff's Treats Truck

The Treats Trucks are currently servicing Austin, Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston and Atlanta. Pricing starts at $8 per guest with customizable menu options. To get a quote please visit our Treats Truck Page

The Tiff's Treats Truck
Tiffs Treats Catering

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