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Saturday, February 23, 2019
The WithMerci Foundation
Thank you to everone who came by and waited in line for fresh baked, warm cookies! We greatly enjoyed celebrating our 10th Houston location with so many amazing, supportive people!
We sold 1080 dozen cookies in just four short hours! We will be donating $5000 of the sales to The WithMerci Foundation. The organization provides advocate services and support to families of children with disabilities and special needs.
We sold 1080 dozen cookies at just this one store!
We can't thank everyone enough for joining us at our newest Houston location! Our first customers arrived at 11:30pm Friday and and camped out over night. By 9am we had a line down the side walk and around the building. It was a beautiful day to be out enjoying so many happy faces as we baked around 13,000 warm cookies!
We want to thank all the companies that donated prizes to the event to make it the day extra fun.